School ICT

School ICT doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated

90% of ICT in schools requires simple solutions and there is no reason it should cost a fortune. We can help you find, implement and support a technical solution which is reliable and very familiar to most users, it can be configured to suit the needs of your school, there is no need to be tied in to expensive licensing agreements or to have a system/network where new devices can only be added by your supplier. Many schools systems and platforms have huge rafts of functionality that is never used, that just adds to its cost and complexity. The areas highlighted below illustrate how easy it is to find a solution to your needs….  

Websites for schools

Pupil browsing the web - Website and Intranet for Schools
Does your school need to refresh its website or to create a new site to share information with current and future parents and pupils? Tools and site design have moved on significantly in recent years with the advent of social media and freely available components to enhance the school’s on-line presence. With the new approach to website building, we offer easy to manage, professional websites reflecting your school’s branding which are easy to navigate by all users.


Learning Technology Needs Analysis

Picture of Documents, Spreadsheets, Email, Calendar - Google Apps for Schools
Many schools know that they need to work on Learning Technology and its use in their school but do not know where to start, or even how they compare to other schools. Our LTNA tool provides you with a complete view of where your school stands in regard to technology and its impact on learning. You answer a series of questions and our report provides an executive summary and a much more detailed breakdown of your responses along with suggestions for next actions in each area.


Documents, spreadsheets and e-portfolios

Picture of Documents, Spreadsheets, Email, Calendar - Google Apps for Schools
We can help you provide Students and Staff with a suite of secure and accessible tools designed to encourage learning and collaboration across your school. Documents can be created using on-line spreadsheet and word processor software and then stored online and on hard-drives so that they can be accessed both on and off line from any device.


Email for Schools

Email on Tablet - School Email Systems
Are your school email addresses impossible to remember? Is the administration of your accounts cumbersome? We can provide you with a market leading email service based on Google’s gmail which is easy to use and has a familiar interface. It is available on all mobile devices and is free of server or licence costs to your school. You pay solely for set-up, training and on-going support – your money goes into making the most of the system rather than license fees for using it!


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