Email for Schools

Gmail for Schools

Wish you had reliable email in your school?

Are your email addresses impossible to remember? Is the administration of your accounts cumbersome?

We can provide you with a market leading email service based on Google’s Gmail which is easy to use and has a familiar interface. It is very rarely interrupted and is available on all mobile devices. Free of server or licence costs to your school, you pay solely for set-up, training and on-going support – your money goes into making it work not just to gain the right to use it!

One of its best features is that you can select your own school domain as the address. You can use your own school domain name, logo and colours, meaning everyone gets as their email address. Best of all, it’s in a format already familiar to both your pupils and staff.

No more lengthy and complicated email addresses like the ones provided by Local Authorities or your current ICT provider. Every pupil and staff member in school can access their school emails anytime, anywhere. You can decide exactly how each pupil is allowed to use their email, with spam filtering from the world leader in email.

Our ICT team are authorized resellers of Google Apps™ and can make sure your transition from outdated email system to modern, trustworthy, safe and secure email as painless as possible.

Gmail is part of the Google suite of tools to support school communications which also includes Calendar, Groups, Google Chat and Video, and Blogs.

For more detail on school communication opportunities please talk one of our experts by calling 0800 788 0444 or filling out the contact form.

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