ICT for Schools

School ICT doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated

90% of ICT in schools requires simple solutions and there is no reason it should cost a fortune.

We can help you find, implement and support a technical solution which is reliable and easily adopted by all your users. It can be configured to suit the needs of your school and there is no need to be tied in to expensive licensing agreements or to have a system or network where new devices can only be added by your supplier. Many schools systems and platforms have huge rafts of functionality that are never used and just add to the cost and complexity.

We primarily use Google Apps™ to support schools as Google is committed to providing its most popular and widely used tools free to schools and colleges, allowing scarce school funding to be spent on hardware, training and support. For most schools this is a saving of tens of thousands of pounds a year in license costs for learning platforms, email systems and office and curriculum software.

However, despite being an authorized reseller of Google Apps we recognise that schools have existing commitments to software and networks, and that other providers have tools schools find very useful, or indeed prefer, and therefore we are happy to support integration with other suppliers such as Microsoft.

A system structured to your needs

We specialise in providing simple, needs-based solutions that will enable your teaching staff to easily prepare and access their materials in the classroom or at home. Staff and students will be able to extend their communication and work-sharing using on-line tools and systems they are already conversant with. All school documents can be stored securely and shared with chosen colleagues, and accessed any where at any time.

It is best to start simple, building a set of on-line services that can for the most part be supported and administered from within the school’s own resources. If the schools needs have been properly identified then training can be focused to meet the skills and experience of the trainees be they staff or students, and adoption will be spread through ease of use and familiarity with the tools and interfaces.  The key is getting the large majority of staff and students engaged as users, so new materials and reinforcement training and support are vital – a school’s money is better spent on this than licences.

As new opportunities, ideas or needs arise they can be evaluated to ensure new functionality is not just added without the consideration to real benefit and alternatives. Once a solutions is identified it can be added but again only once the proper support and training are in place.

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