KS2 RAISEonline Missing Data for English Results, Reading and Writing Assessments

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If you are in the 9% of schools who are missing English results, writing and reading assessments in your unvalidated RAISEonline data, there is action you can take.

At present your RAISEonline data will not contain any reading and writing attainment or progress data which can be crucial during Ofsted inspections. You will find information on our RAISEonline Missing Data blog  on how to upload the missing data for these teacher assessments to RAISEonline. If you require help doing this, our service includes uploading your individual pupil assessments to RAISEonline, providing a RAISEonline style report and, if you choose, an independent review/ commentary of your Key Stage 1 and 2 results from RAISEonline with OFSTED 2012 style judgements.

Our Service

If you are one of the schools who have missing English data in RAISEonline you are likely to have to wait until the validated data is released in January/February before you can get access to your Full RAISEonline Report.  Our Missing Data service will provide you with a report you can use now and comes in three parts:

Service Price
Upload your Assessment Data to RAISEonline £100
Provide RAISEonline Style Report of that data £100
Full Upload, Report and Expert Analysis £475
You are able to decide whether you take all or part of our service to suit your school’s situation.

Our report provides:

  • Summary of performance for leadership group including best fit to new Ofsted Achievement Criteria
  • 2 page summary of key data and commentary for staff and governors
  • All key RAISEonline tables and schedules with supporting analysis/commentary
  • Covering Phonics Screening Check, KS1 Assessments, KS2 Results and Progress data
  • Trend of group performance and the closing of gaps (Not currently provide by RAISE)
  • Individual pupil performance summary

About our Analysis

An independent expert, up to date with latest inspection practice, will review your school’s RAISEonline data to identify strengths, potential weaknesses and areas for further work. The RAISEonline Analysis report contains all the key schedules from your school’s RAISEonline Summary Report each with their own analysis and commentary. Now that we have a new OFSTED regime (launched in September 2012) these reports pay particular attention to the analysis of groups and gaps in performance within school and to national levels. The report suggests what the inspectors may focus on and seeks to guide the school towards the likely initial judgements about Achievement under the new OFSTED criteria. New for 2012 the reports contain:

  • Year 1 Phonics Screening Check results and individual pupil detail
  • Staff & Governor summary of school performance
  • Group closing the gap analysis


  • No waiting for your RAISEonline data
  • Saves senior leadership time
  • Independent expert analysis
  • Supports self review process
  • Simple to understand summary to share with Governors and all staff

To Order or for more information..

Contact Andy Best on:
0800 788 0444          admin@forschoolseducation.co.uk

To Order:

Contact Andy Best on:

0800 788 0444



Report Prices

Product Price
All prices are exclusive of VAT
Upload of Assessment Data £100
Producing Report £100
Full Upload, Report and Analysis Package £475

RAISEonline Sample Report

Document Name
These samples only contain a selection of pages from the full report
KS2 RAISEonline Analysis Sample

What our Customers say

An outstanding report – just what I needed! Many thanks. I can’t wait for your further analysis.

- Deputy HT

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