Learning Technology Needs Analysis

Learning Technology Needs Analysis Report LogoOur Learning Technology Needs Analysis will give you a complete picture of where your school sits in relation to a number of key areas of Technology for Learning.

To complete the report you use our online tool to answer a series of questions related to all areas of Technology within your school. Our LTNA report will tell you exactly where your answers put you in relation to all of the key areas of Learning Technology in schools, including the new ICT curriclum changes. The report provides the basis for a lot of the advisory work we do and is available as a stand-alone product or as part of a larger advisory support package.

Once you have completed the questions, we prepare your report, making suggestions as to which areas should be your focus for improvement as well as providing advice on how you can begin to address the issues the report raises.

The Learning Technology Needs Analysis covers the following areas:

Leadership and Management

  • Vision and strategic leadership
  • Management of the organisation
  • Management Information
  • E-Safety
  • Community Access
  • Management of resources and value for money
  • Use of data to support school improvement
  • Staff skills and confidence
  • CPD

Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Targeted and personalised learning
  • Pupil/student skills
  • The ICT curriculum
  • Learning Technology across the curriculum
  • Use of technology to distribute learning
  • Use of the VLE


  • Infrastructure and connectivity
  • Access to technology – devices, spaces and furniture
  • Technical Support
  • Software for Learning
  • Software for Business


The Learning Technology Needs Analysis is available for £195 and includes:

  • The LTNA user manual
  • A username and password for the online tool to complete the questions
  • As long as you like to complete and edit the tool before submitting to us for the report
  • Your own editable report returned within a couple of days, containing a detailed breakdown of all of your answers and our feedback on each one
  • An Executive Summary for sharing with the Senior Team, Governors or anyone else you like

To order or for more information, please contact our team using one of the following methods:

0800 788 0444          admin@forschoolseducation.co.uk

To Order or for more information:

Contact our team on:

0800 788 0444


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