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Our Staff Appraisal and Development Module provides a secure and easy to use system for tracking and managing the whole appraisal process for every staff member in your school.

School leaders face an increased pressure to have clear evidence for the decisions they have made with regard to staff pay and appraisal. Staff also need a clear and consistent appraisal process that gives them fair opportunity to address and then evidence their progress towards the objectives they have been set.

Our system gives you full control over the appraisal process, whether you conduct every appraisal or delegate to other senior staff. You’re able to see the stage each person’s appraisal has reached, how they are doing against their objectives and any evidence of review discussions.

Individual staff members can access their own appraisal document and add evidence in the form of documents, pictures and videos of work undertaken in order to achieve their objective.

Any development points that arise as a result of setting objectives can be categorised and tracked at individual, department and whole school level. All staff are given the opportunity to log actions against these.

Performance Related Pay, Covered

At the end of the process, based on the evidence within a person’s appraisal document, pay proposals can be made and then presented to the relevant approver for decision. Anonymised pay reports can be produced for discussion and final approval by governors.

Utilising Standards

As well as objectives, you’re able to add standards to appraisal documents so that staff can see what is expected of them and make note of any standards they’ve yet to meet. All new schools are given the opportunity to use our extended version of the professional standards, as well as the DfE’s leadership standards and the recently released teaching assistant standards. We can also help you set up additional standards for your admin staff, site supervisors, cleaners and anybody else you can think of.

Key Benefits

  • Gives staff access to the appraisal information relevant to them and puts them in control of their own development.
  • Allows you to easily identify whole school development priorities.
  • Not just for teaching staff – track appraisal of your leadership team, your admin team and anyone else.
  • Ability to create document templates help to speed up the process and ensure consistency across your school.
  • Historic versions of appraisal documents are maintained as the process moves forward, meaning you can refer back to earlier versions if necessary.
  • Overview screen allows you to share objectives anonymously with governors and external parties.
  • Appraisal documents can be saved as PDFs for printing or emailing to staff.

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