Teaching and Learning Training

Pupils deserve good teachers – teachers deserve, and are entitled to, good leadership.

Our training focuses on the importance of using a wide range of evidence sources in order to make secure judgements about the quality of teaching over time – rather than a “snapshot” grade which can well be wrong. These evidence sources include:

  • learning walks;
  • pupil voice;
  • work scrutinies;
  • planning scrutinies;
  • and data analysis, in addition to the prime source – observation.

To improve observational skills staff will learn about high quality feedback, how to make secure judgements, the importance of dialogue and strategies for developing peer and triad observations. Our view is that all staff have a responsibility to improve the quality of teaching and learning and we encourage involvement of staff at all levels. This also gives an important message about the value of what people do.

We base training around the Lessons Learned handbook and always have due regard for the appropriate Professional Standards for Teachers and the current Ofsted Framework, which of course does not grade individual lessons but uses the sources outlined above to make judgements.

Practical sessions include the observation of lessons (using the Framework) so participants will further develop their understanding and knowledge about what Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate teaching and learning looks like.

The Lessons Learned Framework and System is based on important principles. From many years experience of working in and with schools, we believe that sustainable development in teaching occurs when:

  • teachers talk about teaching;
  • teachers evaluate teaching together;
  • teachers teach each other.

Our training builds on this intra-school support.

Schools often wish to share training with other locality schools, and we actively encourage this. Pricing is dependent on timings and numbers. For more information or to talk over your particular requirements please contact us and we can give you an exact cost.

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