MAT and Cluster Schools’ Performance Report

The management of clusters and MAT’s is developing and the leaders or trustees increasingly are looking for independent evaluations of the performance of their schools. There is a need to consider the differing context within which schools work and yet make comparisons of performance between schools and against group and national averages.

Our reports provide:

  • an independent expert review of individual school performance
  • an evaluation of progress and outcomes across the schools in the group by phase, subjects and key groups
  • a tool to identify areas of strength within the group and common areas in need of focus and development
  • a documented process of clear governance for trustees and cluster leadership teams
  • a time saving and cost effective summary of all schools performance

Our Schools’ Performance Report can contain:

  • an Executive Summary setting out the context and nature of the group, key group averages and the progress being made together with a cluster/MAT level summary of the strengths and points for development or further consideration
  • a Performance Review of basic characteristics (including attendance), progress and attainment at each key stage within the group schools. This review contains subject and group level analysis and commentary. Comparisons are provided to the group and national averages. In primary that means EYFS, Phonics and KS1&2 key measures including proportions at expected or higher and VA scores. At secondary the focus is on Progress 8, Attainment 8, EBACC and proportions reaching grade C+ in English and Maths among other things;
  • Schools’ Performance Summaries are an optional extra, being 2 pages of summary data and independent expert commentary on each individual school’s performance. These are ideal for sharing at individual school and governing body level as well as for review at the groups “Performance Committee” or Trust/Cluster meetings.

The cost of these reports varies dependent upon:

  • number of schools involved;
  • the detail of analysis required;
  • the format of data provided.

As a guide the most basic report can cost as low as £150+vat per school whilst the more complex reports can cost £250-£300+vat per school.

We can provide example reports on request.

If you would like to discuss a report for your group or cluster and would like to understand the likely cost please email or call 0800 788 0444 and ask to speak to Andy Best.

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