School Data

EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Data Packs with Expert Analysis

Key Stage 2 Test Analysis - Teacher and Class

We provide 3 reports (one for each phase of primary schools) designed to give schools an early analysis of their assessment data before the start of the new school year and well before it appears on the RAISEonline replacement system – ASP.

The Data Packs summarise school, subject and group level performance and our Expert Analysis provides you with analysis of your results for briefing staff and governors. Within 2 working days of receiving your SATs results and teacher assessments, our Data Service will provide you with a range of tables and charts, with a full commentary will follow on request.

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Performance Reports for MATs and Clusters

Key Stage 1 Data Analysis

Accountability requirements for school clusters and MATs are increasing and our independent Performance Reports offer leaders an insight into the group’s outcomes and comparative performance of individual schools.

MAT and cluster leaders can bespoke our reports to their needs and requirements, each report is individually prepared and priced.

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ASP Performance Reports – KS1, 2 & 4

RAISEonline - Pupils working together

Our new ASP Reports for KS1&2 and KS4 in autumn 2017 will fully reflect the changes made as a result of the revised accountability and performance measures.

Our expert analyses are the most comprehensive around, breaking down your school data into an easy to understand format, with comments and interpretation from people who know schools and know their data. In school support is also available.

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Data for Schools Blog

We have a Data for Schools blog where you can keep up to date on all of the latest news in the world of school data. Click here to visit.

School Data Newsgroup

We also run a Data for Schools email newsgroup, where we pro-actively send out updates designed to keep you in the loop, providing information on all of the key developments in the world of school data. To sign up fill out the contact form.

We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information to a third party. To read more about how we handle your data please see our privacy policy here.

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