Data clinics and Skype reviews

Two new support solutions from For Schools

Data Clinics

MATs, school clusters and Local Authorities are looking for new cost effective ways to support their schools to interpret their performance data. Not only do they wish to have access to data experts they rightly see real benefit in a independent specialist working with staff and governors.

Our data specialists can provide a data clinic for up to 12-14 schools in a day. The data specialist will:

  • need to be based in a central location for the day that is easily reached by the schools
  • have an agreed timetable of appointments with the senior leaders of each school
  • be provided with the schools data before the day in order to be prepared for the discussion
  • provide explanations to school questions at the session or by follow-up email
  • talk the school through their interpretation of the data and possible follow-up activity

The exact nature and structure of the clinics can be adjusted to the needs of individual groups. Discussions can include external and internal school data, including ASP schedules and the Inspection Data Summary Report. Pricing is based on a day rate basis plus travel costs. Half Days are charged at £450+vat and whole days £650+vat.


Skype Reviews

In times of tight budgets in school there is still a need for independent expert support in the analysis of school data. We have found that by using common IT communication technology such as Skype we can provide a cost effective data analysis service. Increasingly schools are taking us up on the offering. Ideally schools supply us with access to their school data, including their Inspection Dashboard, before the call so that our specialist can be properly prepared. The call itself reviews the school’s performance and answers any questions the school staff have. Charging is based on £80 per hour for the preparation work and call.

If you would like to discuss a clinic or Skype review please call Andy Best on 07917 080201 or email



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