Inspection Data Summary Report Commentary

Interpretation of your new Inspection Data Summary Report from Ofsted (IDSR)

This autumn Ofsted is replacing its Inspection Dashboard with a new Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR). An outline of which is summarised in our blog – Ofsted update

Our For Schools experts can provide your school with commentary to explain and analyse your Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)that sits at the heart of Ofsted’s Inspection approach for 2017/8. Page by page commentary makes sense of the charts and data so that it can be easily explained to staff and governors.

The commentary will look at:

  • Overall performance
  • Subject progress and outcomes over time
  • Group performance against their comparator reflecting of the differences
  • Responses to the identified “area to investigate” within the report
  • Highlight any other areas the school should consider further

We provide free telephone and Skype support for the report, and can provide more detailed support and training either through Skype or in person for which there is an additional charge.

Cluster and MAT groups will receive discounts and potentially free/discounted training.

The DfE’s new Analyse School Performance (ASP) system that has replaced the RAISEonline system will be the home for the Inspection Data Summary Report. The Inspectors as well as schools will have access to school data through ASP although it will be on an anonymised basis.

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Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report Commentary
- Secondary
Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report Commentary
- Primary

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