The One Minute Governors’ Guide

Knowing what you need to know
Finding out what you don’t know

The recent White Paper further reinforces the importance of the role of Governing Boards (Governing Bodies). They remain the key accountable body for their school and retain the responsibility for strategic vision and ethos, holding leaders to account and ensuring that money is well spent.

There is, however, yet more focus on the need for governors to have the right skills and competencies to be able to carry out their role effectively. The focus on a more autonomous school-led system will make it “increasingly vital the schools operate under effective governing boards”.

What is the One Minute Guide?

It is a short booklet which gives governors practical guidance on what they need to know whilst identifying what they don’t know. It provides a range of self-review strategies to help them pinpoint where they currently are.

It is designed to be a quick guide to help governors:

  • understand their roles and responsibilities;
  • know what Ofsted will be looking for and making judgements about;
  • self-review their current practice and identify where development is needed.

It is supplemented by series of short videos which can be used by governing boards to further their understanding of specific issues and to give guidance on how they might further develop their practice. Both in this booklet and in the videos, the focus is on trying to keep processes simple and not over burdensome, either for governors or for school staff.


The cost of the Handbook is just £65 plus VAT. This includes a hard copy and a PDF version of the Handbook which enables you to copy and distribute any relevant parts, including self-evaluation proformas from the Toolkit, for information or for use in governor training.

You also receive access to two videos:

  1. Getting to know about teaching and learning in your school – The Outline
  2. Getting to know about teaching and learning in your school – The Detail

These are both about ten minutes long and are very useful to use in governor training sessions. Each video includes pause moments to encourage discussion about specific points.

The Handbook is part of the Lessons Learned School Improvement Suite and is designed to support and develop the part played by governors in effective school leadership and management.

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