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We offer surveys for governors, parent satisfaction, pupil learning and more, all for outstanding value.

As well as Pupil, Parent and Staff Surveys, we have a number of other school surveys on topics which prove to be consistently popular.

These are only a small selection of the surveys we do offer so if you have a need for a particular survey contact us as it’s more than likely we have a set of questions to suit.

Click the name of the survey below for more information on what we offer.

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Parents are an important part of the school community – their thoughts and perceptions are an invaluable tool to help schools enhance their services and to provide the educational support and care that their children require.

For Schools work with State Schools, Academies, Independent Schools and Faith Schools to provide a bespoke Parent Satisfaction Survey to reflect the school’s requirements. Schools can use a range of questions styles, choose from our question banks or include their own tailored questions to create their own Parent Satisfaction Survey.

Areas that you may wish to cover can include:

  • Appearance, behaviour and safety of pupils
  • Curriculum & Extra-curricular activities
  • Building Environment, facilities and equipment
  • Communication – administrative and educational
  • Future Development Plans
  • Boarding, Residential Trips & Fees

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Pupil Learning Survey

Teaching and Learning are at the forefront of current government thinking – our Pupil Learning Survey focus on the school’s core function, that of raising pupils’ achievement and providing high quality learning experiences.

The surveys are completed by the pupils to evaluate their experience of Learning. The survey can be taken to provide a view across the curriculum or for a specific subject.

The Learning Survey will provide you with clear and detailed feedback of your pupils’ opinions in the following areas:

  • The Context of their Learning
  • Their Learning Experience
  • The Organisation of their Learning
  • Feedback

Use our Staff Teaching & Learning Survey alongside so that the teachers’ views of their teaching and its impact upon the pupils’ learning can be contrasted and compared with the views of the pupils.

Key benefits include:

  • Supports self review process
  • Quick, easy and value for money process
  • A service adaptable to your school’s needs
  • Easy to read ‘dashboard’ views
  • Instant overview of strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear, colourful and easily understood graphs and charts
  • Summary of pupil views by theme
  • Question level analysis by year group and gender

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Governor Self Review Survey

Governors play a key role in the leadership and management of the school and are accountable overall for its strategic direction and the standard of education it offers.

Our Governor Survey asks governors to review their knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It will help to evaluate their current contribution, their development needs and will enable them to ascertain whether they are fulfilling statutory requirements.

Our survey covers:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Self-Review and Evaluation
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Provision: Teaching and the Curriculum
Detailed features:
  • Governor Surveys have 38 questions
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis of up to 6 pages
  • Consultant’s Report is included within the fee
  • This survey is completed on paper or on-line
  • All our surveys include delivery, collection, processing, analysis and statistical report.

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Bespoke Survey

Schools increasingly want to seek the views of parents, pupils and staff across a wide range of topics. We offer a specialist bespoke service whereby you provide the questions and we will manage all other aspects of the survey process. You will receive a top quality statistical report and a friendly, professional service.

Key features:

  • Decide on up to 40 of your own questions
  • Have an option of multiple choice questions, single answer questions and opportunities for free text answers
  • Opportunities to talk with an experienced survey specialist to ensure your survey best meets your requirements
  • Survey can be done on-line and/or on paper

You will receive:

  • Summary of views by theme
  • Clear, colourful, easily understood graphs and charts
  • Question level analysis by year group/gender or staff role
  • Comparative data for repeat survey orders
  • Clear evidence for your School Development and Self-Evaluation

As with all our surveys we print, distribute, collect and analyse the questionnaires and prepare a statistical report. An experienced educational consultant can also provide a written report highlighting the key findings and areas for further development.

Bespoke surveys are competitively priced with discounts available for clusters and local authorities.

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

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