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Our Staff Surveys offer outstanding value and provide essential feedback from all your staff.

The most valuable asset a school has is the people who work within it. They know the school best and contribute the most. Their views are vital if continuous improvement is to be maintained.

For Schools help you gather staff views by offering a wide variety of staff surveys which will inform your future planning and assist you with your school self evaluation. Staff Surveys can be taken together, separately or as a mixture of questions within each survey area – this flexibility is a powerful tool for schools to capture their staff attitudes on vital performance areas. Our standard staff surveys include:

School Staff Surveys to Suit Your School’s Needs

All our staff surveys can be adapted to meet your specific needs either by amending questions or by adding some of your own. Free text boxes can also be added. In addition an experienced consultant can provide a written report highlighting the key findings and areas for further development.

For all surveys the views of staff with different roles are compared so that senior leaders can see with absolute clarity the real perception of how the school operates.

We will help you devise your survey, print, deliver and collect it as well as analysing your results. The results will be presented in clear colourful charts both electronically and in hard copy. More importantly your results will be with you within 10 working days. Surveys can be conducted on-line and/or on paper.

Key Benefits

  • Clear and robust evidence for your self-evaluation processes
  • Saves valuable leadership time
  • Question level analysis by staff role
  • Instant overview of strengths and weaknesses
  • Summary of staff views by theme
  • Fast response time and results back within 7 working days
  • A service adaptable to your school’s needs
  • Quick, easy and a value for money process

Staff and Governor Survey (Focusing on the Ofsted Framework)

Consulting your staff has never been more important, particularly with Ofsted now incorporating a voluntary online staff survey within their inspection.

Our new staff and governor Ofsted survey, matched to the four key areas for inspection, will give you an analysis of staff views in much greater depth.

This Staff Survey covers the following areas:

  • Outcomes for Pupils
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
  • Leadership and Management

When taken with our Pupil and Parent Surveys you will have a comprehensive view of the school from a whole community aspect.

Ofsted Framework – Revised December 2017

Schools provide an online questionnaire to staff and pupils to fill in during inspections. Ofsted will give the school details of the online process when notifying them about the inspection.

Staff can fill this in until the second day of the inspection at 11am.

The link below show the questions that the online questionnaire will ask. The questionnaires are confidential and complement evidence that inspectors gather from talking to pupils and staff during the inspection.

To make an enquiry, see a sample, or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Staff Wellbeing Survey

Staff are the most valuable asset a school has – investing in the health and wellbeing of staff raises morale, increases motivation, and addresses recruitment and retention issues. Our staff wellbeing survey enables schools to identify areas of strength and will highlight areas to develop.

  • Our Staff Wellbeing Survey provides you with clear and detailed feedback of your staff opinions on
  • The School Culture
  • Their Roles and Responsibilities
  • Relationships within the school
  • The management of change
  • Overall school experience

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Teaching & Learning Survey

Teaching and Learning are at the forefront of current government thinking. Our Learning and Teaching Surveys focus on the school’s core function, that of raising pupils’ achievement and providing high quality learning experiences. This staff survey enables senior staff and teachers to comprehensively evaluate the quality of their teaching and its impact upon the pupils’ learning.

The surveys completed are:

  • Teachers’ self review
  • A review of teaching across the school undertaken by senior leaders

These enable you to compare the teachers’ views of their own practice with the overview of teaching from senior leaders. This identifies any differences and any whole school issues for development.

The Teaching & Learning Surveys provide an in-depth view of senior staff and teachers’ attitudes in the following areas:

  • Monitoring, Observation & Self-Evaluation
  • Effective Teaching
  • Assessment of and for Learning
  • Effective Learning
  • Pupil Progress
  • Pupil’s Attitudes and Behaviour for Learning
  • The Learning Environment

Use our Pupil Learning Surveys alongside so that the views of pupils on their learning experience can be contrasted and compared with the views of teachers.

See also our Practical Handbook for Improving Teaching and Learning. This guide will ensure that there is consistency of understanding about what effective teaching looks like across the school. It will also mean that there is a high quality system of observation in place and that all judgements are reliable.

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Leadership Survey

The quality of leadership and management is a key focus for inspectors as high quality leadership is seen as a key component of successful schools. Securing the support of staff is the key component of successful leadership. Our Leadership Survey enables the Leadership team and Governors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the perceptions of all staff and governors.

Our Leadership Survey will provide you with clear and detailed feedback on the following:

  • Vision and principles
  • Trust and belief
  • Strategic planning
  • Competence
  • Influencing Others
  • Communication

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Organisational Culture Survey

Our Organisational Culture survey provides an invaluable insight into staff and governor perceptions about their school and what makes it unique.

This Staff Survey will cover the following areas:

  • Reputation
  • Team effectiveness
  • Implementation processes
  • Resource management
  • Performance characteristics

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Curriculum & Assessment Survey

An enriched curriculum and high quality assessment processes and practices are key factors in ensuring our pupils’ engagement with their learning. Our Curriculum and Assessment Survey provides an overview of staff attitudes in the following areas:

  • Curriculum Structure & Organisation
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Assessment Policy
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Summary Assessment, Recording, Reporting & Pupil Tracking
  • Target Setting

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

Bespoke Staff Survey

For Schools have years of experience working in partnership with schools to create the ideal bespoke staff survey to cover any scenario.

Choose from any of our bank of questions or devise your own with the support of our specialists and we will do the rest.

We will:

  • Assist in the design of the questions and survey
  • Organise printing and delivery
  • Organise collecting and processing of the results
  • Provide clear, colourful and easily understood graphical and tabular information

To make an enquiry or to order please call 0800 788 0444 or fill out the contact form.

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